Picture of Track





Using our "stretched-fabric wall system", the first selection needed is the track profile and thickness.


The track is available in a square or beveled edge profile. All joints may be beveled or square as well. The two profiles are often used together to achieve the best look possible.


Standard track thicknesses are 1/2 inch and 1 inch. Two inch, Four inch and other desired

thicknesses may be achieved through furring to accommodate any specification.


Track is installed according to specified layout. Railroaded layouts are highly recommended when using SFWS, as they allow for maximizing the fabric, minimal use of joints and the best aesthetic appearance.


The track automatically scribes to fixed items such as casework, door frames, windows and chair rails.


Using SFWS allows the track's jaws to "grab" the fabric, keeping it taut and free from snagging or slipping. The track allows the fabric to be easily changed when necessary. No adhesives or glues are used to keep the fabric in place.