Tech-Wall has been at the forefront of Sustainability. With over 17 years of installing

stretched-fabric wall systems, we have helped both the end user and the environment.

Constant repainting or replacing of wrapped panels is not only expensive, but wasteful.


Tech-Wall has been using 100% post-consumer fabrics since 1990, so we're not just

jumping on the "green" bandwagon. These fabrics are made from recycled water bottles

and can also be re-recycled (or recycled again) at the end of their useful life into things like seat cushion foam. The increasingly sustainable manufacturing of these fabrics are also at the forefront of sustainable design.


When using a stretched-fabric wall system, these fabrics are not glued to the core and designed to be changeable---at a fraction of the cost compared to changing traditional panel systems. Whether the time has come for a remodel, or a new look, the system only requires fabric replacement as opposed to tearing out an entire system, repairing the walls and then ordering new panels. With it's long life-span and no VOC emissions, the SFWS reduces the need for painting and wall maintenance while using pre-consumer waste and recycled materials.


With our 3 year, no-cost standard warranty for up to 10% of the fabric, when it comes to maintenance during that time, there is no cost for replacing the panels whatsoever.


Ther are many core materials available that use recycled products as well. Whether for acoustical or tackable, there are core materials made from pre-consumer wastes, recycled materials or formaldehyde-free. These core materials are also installed with no VOC's when using our SFWS.


Tech-Wall's products will cut down on your maintenance costs by outlasting paint. Wether it's fabric panels, markerboards or other interior finishes, our products will last longer and look better while achieving the highest sustainability possible.


We understand the necessity of sustainable design and strive to install the products with the highest possible post-consumer content available. Tech-Wall has helped meet LEED requirements on many projects and we are always happy to provide "value engineering" to help save our customers from wasting materials---and money.