Advantages To Using A



"Stretched-Fabric Wall System"





Maximizing the use of materials---creating less waste and more square footage for the price.


Ability to quickly and easily change coverings when necessary.


No VOC's used in installation - no adhesives between core and covering help enhance performance of panels.


Standard Warranty covers free replacement for 10% of fabric up to 3 years.


System allows for unique panel sizes without a custom price. Panel sizes of 5 1/2 feet wide by 100 feet long are common.


Use of many recycled materials. Many fabrics are 100% post-consumer (made of recycled water bottles).


Enhanced speech clarity and reduction in unwanted noise.


Improved acoustics.


Improved aesthetics.


Ability to scribe to existing conditions. Panels can align with objects top-to-bottom such as windows and markerboards up to 5 1/2' high.


Great reduction in maintenance and full life-cycle analysis costs.


Superior Sustainability compared to similar products.